Saturday, April 23, 2011

如何確保清蒸魚沒有腥味? How to get rid of the fishy smell when steaming fish?

選擇非常新鮮的魚, 較沒有腥味, 另外抺上適當鹽和酒也可, 而最關鍵是倒掉蒸好的魚汁。如果沒有加上其他辛香料和魚一起蒸, 蒸好的魚汁腥味會較重, 所以最好將魚汁倒掉, 然後再另加調味汁。

Make sure that the fish is very fresh and rub some salt and wine on the fist when steaming. However, the key is to discard the liquid resulted from steaming, then pour over new seasonings onto the steamed fish.

资料來源:[新手學做菜] (Source: Joy of Cooking)

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