Sunday, May 6, 2012

打蛋白的秘訣 Tips on Whisking Egg White

蛋白加入檸檬汁, 拂打至起泡, 才逐少加入砂糖打至挺身。

檸檬汁是天然的蛋白穩定劑, 可以使蛋白容易挺身及持久。另外,亦可使用白米醋或他他粉。

Add a drop of lemon juice to egg white and whisk until bubbles. Gradually add sugar and whisk until stiff.

Lemon juice is the natural stabilizer of egg white. It makes egg white easily to whisk and holds its shape. You can also use white vinegar or cream of tartar instead.

"Home Sweet Home 精緻 ● 家甜品" by Bonnie Yves

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